Passing the Big Test, D Day for Driving License!

Phew! So you have made it through your 100 hours driving on your learner license. You have perfected your hill starts, three point turns and reverse parallel parks while in your driving lessons, not to mention keeping track of all those kilometres and times in your log book. Your trusted driving instructor has declared you are ready and you have made the date for your first driver qualification test. What else can you do to prepare yourself for the big day AND pass the test first go?

Leading up to the day, visualise yourself in the test situation. Visualisation is a powerful technique used by successful people in business and sport to help them prepare for something important. Going for your driving examination will be one of the experiences you remember the rest of your life because we have so much excitement and emotion attached to it. So why not give yourself the extra edge that will get you over the line, safely of course! Think the ol’ “imagine them in their underwear” tip but with better results and minus the uncontrollable giggling.

Your emotions can play a big part in how you will perform in the moment and being able to relax while remaining alert is key to a great performance. If you are someone who tends to get very anxious then visualisation with relaxation will be of huge benefit. Take some time to sit and close your eyes, if it helps you then play some music that helps you feel calm and focussed. See the car, see the dashboard, imagine the feeling of your hands on the steering wheel and your feet at the pedals. What about the examiner? Imagine the stranger in the passenger seat watching you like a guardian angel. It may sound silly but when you imagine this person in a positive light, someone who really has your best driving safety interests at heart then it will help you immensely. Continue to visualise driving, see yourself calmly negotiating the traffic, seeing every road sign and confidently handling the car through each requested manoeuvre your angel asks you to complete.

Now see yourself happily pulling back into your final park and hearing the examiner congratulate you on a job well done and telling you that you passed. Feel how great it is having your provisional license handed to you. Your new freedom awaits.

Finding the Right Person to Teach You To Drive

When it comes to choosing who you are going to learn to drive with, choosing the right one out of all the available driving instructors can make all the difference.

Learning to drive is an experience you will remember all your life, not just how to drive but who taught you to drive. You will remember it whether the experience was good or bad.

Your connection with your teacher is going to make an impression that lasts, and can make the difference to whether or not you pass your test first time, or later after some attempts. Choosing your instructor based on price is an important consideration, however cheaper is not always cheaper in the long run if you don’t pass your driving test first time. Your instructors ability to connect with you and cater to your individual learning needs will make you a better, more skilled driver.

A good driving instructor is going to be able to help you to not only drive a car but to feel confident and ready when it comes time to take your driving exam. Even the most confident student will still experience some nerves when it comes to the exam. Effective preparation is not just about operating the car and performing the required tasks but also about handling yourself on the road in traffic. Our roads are becoming more and more congested, so it is very important to have a skilled, friendly, relaxed instructor who will help you to feel emotionally confident in every situation as well as handling the added pressure, when it comes time, of an examiner critiquing your every manoeuvre.

Driving lessons and any busy metro area are great when you are learning with someone who can help you to overcome your fears and become a confident provisional driver who is ready for the responsibility of driving without supervision. This may not just be young new drivers, some people may be updating skills, or perhaps you have had your learners for a long time and never quite been ready for the next step. Some people may want to extend their skills to driving a manual car after years on an automatic license. You may even consider the sex of your instructor to be important to helping you feel at ease.

Look for someone who has great testimonials from happy successful students. A reputable school will be accredited by the government and be able to tell you their first time pass rate. Most can offer packages that suit your budget.

Drive Right the First Time

Getting your driver’s licence is important if you want to be an independent adult. Let’s face it, life is a lot easier when you can drive. Getting the licence will require some dedication on your part but is well worth it in the end. Most of us are given our first lessons by our parents but this is not necessarily the best way to learn.

P-school will not only teach you good habits but will keep the peace in the home as well.

A good drivers school starts to teach you safe driving from your very first lesson. Lessons begin by teaching you the rules of the road and also what the various road signs and markings mean. A school will provide a qualified instructor who will be able to gauge when you are really ready to take a crack at getting your licence.

A qualified instructor will also vary the conditions that you drive in so that you can learn to develop a wide range of skills. You really only learn to drive properly by gaining experience. It can be scary to drive at night or in rainy weather but under these conditions it will make you more balanced as a driver. It is better to attack these situations with a qualified driving instructor in the car with you.

You are also going to need plenty of practise learning basic skills like parallel parking, reversing, etc. Initially these are difficult to come to grips with but, once you have practised them, they become almost like second nature to you. If you want to be a good driver when you eventually get your licence, you are going to need some professional guidance.

The right school will instil you with the confidence that you need in order to be able to ace your test. It will also help you to develop confidence as a driver – after all, when controlling a vehicle you must keep on your guard at all times and monitor different situations at once. It can be hard to concentrate properly when driving so being able to do things like change gears, etc. automatically without having to think about it is a necessity.

There are certainly costs involved in having professional lessons and you are going to have to budget for quite a few classes but, at the end of the day, it will be worthwhile. A professional instructor is a good way to start your driving experience on a good foot.

The Process for Acquiring an Australian Drivers Licence

Whether you are seventeen or forty-seven, it’s never too late to get a driving licence. Without a licence, people’s lives can be hampered considerably. However, this is easily rectified by attending lessons for professional instruction.

From the age of 16, a teenager can apply for a learner licence. Young adults who are seventeen years old and older are allowed to take a test providing they have kept a log book and they have chalked up 120 hours of driving. This must also include at least 20 hours of driving at night and that they have had a learner’s licence for a minimum of twelve months. However, learner drivers who are over 25 years old are excused from keeping a log book. They are also not required to have had a learner licence for a year.

Many people are not sure what the difference is between a Learner Licence, a P1 Licence and a P2 licence. In a nutshell, a learner licence is issued after an electronic test has been successfully completed and passed. This is known as a Driver Knowledge Test or DKT. It evaluates how well a candidate knows the rules of the road and other issues relating to road safety. There are 45 random questions that are spread over a broad spectrum of information, road safety awareness and traffic sign knowledge.

The computer test immediately informs whether or not the test has been successfully passed or failed. Candidates who carefully study the relative handbooks of road rules will find that it isn’t necessary to feel anxious about this first step. After a successful result a learner’s licence is issued and a yellow L Plate must now be displayed on the outside of car whenever a learner driver is at the wheel.

Learner drivers should be aware that they can be issued with demerit points. Speeding is a ‘no-no’, as a learner driver is given at least four demerit points for this offence and the licence is suspended. After three months, the learner driver can re-apply for a new learner’s licence. This is just one of the rules that are strictly enforced in order to promote safety.

A P1 (P stands for Provisional) licence is issued after a learner has held a learner’s licence for at least twelve months and all the necessary regulations have been followed. At this stage, a Provisional driver is allowed to drive without an experienced licence holder being present there is a restriction of 90 km per hour. The red P1 Plate must be displayed on the outside of a car. This licence is held for at least a year before the next phase.

The P2 phase is attained after another year and after the satisfactory completion of an electronic hazard perception test. The P2 Plate is green and, again, must be displayed on the exterior of a car. At this stage, a driver is not allowed to drive over 100 km per hour. The P2 licence must be held for at least two years. Thereafter, one can apply to become a full licence holder. There are many other rules and regulations that need to be studied in order to comply with government requirement.

Although tests preparation appears to be very involved and complicated. It’s not really. Just take it one step at a time and get in some good driving practice with a professional driving school, if possible.

Maximize Your Driving Skills

One of Sydney’s northern suburbs is named Neutral Bay, which is only five kilometres from the CBD. Its history dates back to the 1790s. In those days ships entered the bays at the harbour without being officially verified in respect of their arrivals or departures. This problem was resolved by identifying only one bay that could be allocated to foreign ships, which would allow the visitors to stock up on necessary groceries and fresh water. The selected bay was referred to as a neutral harbour. As time progressed, it was formally named Neutral Bay.

Some of the suburbs that surround Neutral Bay are Cammeray, Mosman, Kirribilli, Cremorne and North Sydney. Being close to the city, many workers travel by bus or train, which accounts for over 25% of the working residents. However, approximately 35% of the residents travel to work in their own transport, which encourages many ‘rusty’ drivers to search for driving lessons in order to maximise their driving skills.

Neutral Bay has its own commercial area. Neutral Bay Junction is a popular shopping centre that houses well-known supermarkets and speciality stores. Hungry shoppers also have a choice of a wide selection of cafes and restaurants.

Tourists who enjoy the historical and artistic aspects of Neutral Bay will not want to miss out on a visit to Nutcote, in Wallaringa Avenue, which was the home of May Gibbs MBE. She was one of the country’s principal children’s authors and she also designed covers and supplied illustrations for various magazines. She is famous for her Gumnut books that are still popular with many children throughout the world.

Parents with school-going children have a wide choice for schools in the area. Primary schools and high schools are in Neutral Bay. The Neutral Bay Public School is a popular choice as it also provides before- and after-care facilities for children whose parents both work. At the same time, schools for children with special needs are available in and around the suburb. Students are well-catered for at the Macquarie University. Those who choose to drive on their own can receive driving lessons Neutral Bay, in order to quickly become confident on the busy roads to and from the various tertiary institutions.

As well as providing great indoor entertainment venues, this trendy suburb features several parks and outdoor recreational facilities. Warringa Park, Willow Tree Park and Ilberry Park are worthy of a visit, especially for families who are looking for walking areas and picnic spots.

More than 10,000 residents were known to live in this vibey suburb, based on the 2006 census. As more visitors from overseas choose to reside here, they discover that their current driving licenses become illegal after a few months. However, they can seek expert advice and some professional driving lessons Ryde at a driving school.

Neutral Bay is in a prime position for both residents and tourists alike. You will be spoilt for choice regarding holiday drives. Furthermore, just a few kilometres away, the awe-inspiring Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are a sight to behold.

Driving Lessons in Parramatta

One of Sydney’s oldest suburbs is known as Parramatta. It is positioned 23 km west of the central business district. Parramatta was established at the same time as Sydney, when the first settlers arrived. Since those early days, Parramatta has become a bustling suburb; in fact, it is often suggested that it is Sydney’s second busiest business centre.

Some of Parramatta’s neighbouring suburbs are Westmead, North Parramatta, Rosehill and Mays Hill. Although transport to these suburbs is available, driving lessons Sydney are a must for family members, especially parents with school-going children.

Tourists who have an interest in old buildings will want to visit Old Government House, which dates back to 1799. It is actually the oldest public structure in Australia, with a collection of furniture and décor that takes us back to the world of the first settlers. Yet another ‘must see’ is Elizabeth Farm. It was built in 1793, making it the oldest home in Australia. It is set in a spectacular garden with exquisite lawns that delight the visual senses. Elizabeth Farm is a museum that enables visitors to soak up the atmosphere of colonial life.

Outdoor lovers will enjoy a trip to Parramatta Park, which is home to a wide variety of birds and wildlife. Its historical richness is also a major attraction. The park is situated in 85 hectares of spectacular park-like grounds with natural heritage sections and buildings for the history lovers. The road that runs through the park is a popular spot for cyclists and walkers. Runners also use the road to keep fit. The entrance gate to Parramatta Park can be accessed from Macquarie Street.

Art lovers are not forgotten in Parramatta. Its Riverside Theatre is a great attraction that offers theatre and dining package deals for groups of visitors. Located beside the Parramatta River, the theatre complex offers a wide selection of shows. Nearby, restaurants offer fine cuisine, whether it be breakfast, dinner or just a quick drink before the start of a performance.

These are only a few of the wonderful attractions in Parramatta. With all these sights on hand, a search for a Northern Beaches driving school will bring peace of mind to parents whose children want to learn to drive in order to experience the scenery with their friends. Driving lessons Parramatta can be the beginning of a new adventure.

Schools and universities and shopping centres are plentiful, so those who make Parramatta their home will enjoy all the amenities that a large city has to offer.


Approximately seven kilometres from Sydney’s CBD, lies the delightful suburb of Cremorne. Some noteworthy neighbouring suburbs of Cremorne are Cammeray, Mosman, and Neutral Bay. This popular suburb was named after England’s Cremorne Gardens, a well-known landmark in Chelsea. Its meaning originates from two words, that is, ‘chieftain’ and ‘boundary’.

The suburb, being ideally situated for schools and universities, is much sought after. Although various means of transport is available, local homeowners make sure that their families attend driving lessons Sydney. It is also important for their teenage children to become acquainted with the bordering suburbs.

Some well-know personalities are associated with Cremorne. Movie goers might want to drive past Nicole Kidman’s penthouse apartment at Milsons Point that she shares with her husband and children. Yet another popular actress, Naomi Watts, who moved to Australia from England, became friends with Nicole Kidman when they both attended the same North Shore girl’s school. Allan Border, Australia’s famous test cricketer and captain, was actually born in Cremorne and he was educated at North Sydney Boys’ High School.

According to the 2006 census, Cremorne’s population was over 10,000 but it has increased remarkably since then. House sales in the area have boomed recently. They sell for an average price of $1,500,00. However, some prices are much higher, depending on the size and location of the property. At the same time, some amazing bargains still exist, especially for young couples who are seeking apartments. Some units have been sold for under $300,000 but these were rare bargains.

Cremorne is well-located for shopping centres. These complexes cater for all socio-economic groups. Tourists also enjoy the ambience of this North Shore environment. Gyms and fitness facilities are also plentiful, as are also restaurants and coffee bars, which cater for many cosmopolitan tastes. Driving lessons Cremorne are also conveniently situated for those who intend to drive without keeping to time schedule.

Visitors to Cremorne will want to visit the Cremorne Reserve and Cremorne Point’s foreshore walk. Sightseers can experience unspoilt bush land and, at the same time, enjoy a picnic with their families. There is also a children’s playground and a swimming area in a saltwater pool.

Easy access to the Cremorne Reserve and the foreshore walk can be reached by either public or private transport. An online search for driving lessons North Shore provides information for family members who still rely on others to transport them to these local beauty spots.

Cremorne and the surrounding areas have much to offer. Residents and tourists rave about the beauty of these North Shore suburbs. Together with Sydney’s friendliness and amazing views, this makes for a marvellous place to settle down or to just experience a memorable holiday.

North Shore

So called for its location, the North Shore region covers the mostly residential suburbs on the north shore of Sydney Harbour up to the Hornsby Plateau. Most of the suburbs of North Shore are hilly, with slopes running down the city harbour and the rivers that serve as sort of a boundary for the region. North Shore is one of the most favoured starting point for tourists exploring Sydney, mainly because of its lovely views, open spaces and shopping districts. Boundaries are not clearly defined since North Shore is simply a name referring to the suburbs in northern metropolitan Sydney.

North Shore offers breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour and is perfect for leisurely walks and picnics. The region can be explored in various modes of transport. Trains provide easy commuting access to Sydney’s central business district and the harbour bridge. Commuters can also take buses serving the region, or ferries that make the suburbs in the harbour side more accessible. Driving around the North is another fun way to better appreciate the sceneries and explore the commercial areas. Luckily, there are helpful driving lessons Sydney available for North Shore dwellers to help them go around by car.

North Shore can be divided into the Upper North Shore area encompassing the suburbs located north of Chatswood, and the Lower North Shore, which consists of the suburbs beside the harbour, including North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Mosman, Cremorne and Cammeray. People sometimes refer to North Shore as the leafy North Shore, thanks to its numerous and rich forest parks that are located near or sometimes even within the residential areas. The greeneries truly make this region a desirable place to live in.

Residents and travellers are sure to appreciate the high-quality metropolitan culture that North Shore offers. In fact, Upper North Shore includes the Ku-ring-gai council, which has been recognised for having one of the best in terms of quality of life in Australia. Suburban living is complemented well by the clean, well vegetated roads and elegant homes. North Shore also hosts numerous open spaces and reserves. North Shore is filled with many interesting and beautiful landmarks, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and Balmoral Beach.

If you are the type who like to dig into the metropolitan feel of the region, Chatswood should be the place to explore as this is one of the biggest retail areas in the region. Victoria Street Pedestrian Mall in Chatswood offers treats to passersby, with regular musical performances, local markets with ethnic food offerings and occasional street shows. The North Shore train line makes this retail district truly accessible to commuters. But since the city centre is easily accessible by car, many residents find it worthwhile to get some driving lessons Chatswood to learn the best routes to take when in North Shore.

The combination of residing close to nature and grand living makes North Shore an ideal place to live in. The metropolitan culture adds to the interesting and pleasant high living in the region.

Expert Driving Lessons in Sydney’s Inner West Suburbs

The Inner West is one of the oldest areas of Sydney. As the name implies, it lies to the west of Sydney’s central business district. However, this is not the exact name of a suburb; it comprises several suburbs. Included in this area are Ashfield, Burwood, Canada Bay, Newtown and Strathfield, amongst many others. Some of the houses and buildings are interesting old constructions, which include terraced homes and small mansions that were built between 1840 and 1914.

The best driving school to help you pass your test and become a confident driver

Parramatta is one of the major towns in the Inner West. It is a very busy commercial hub that almost rivals Sydney. Families who commute to their places of work often choose to drive, instead of using public transport. In order to prepare for good driving experiences in and out of the busy suburbs, it is often necessary for family members to attend cheap driving lessons Sydney to enable them to learn about the correct use of brakes and many other important factors that ensure safe vehicle operation and courteous driving habits.

A population of mixed cultures lives in Sydney’s Inner West suburbs. As a result, numerous multi-cultural restaurants have sprung up. Several restaurants and coffee bars cater for the large Italian/Australian community who have settled in Haberfield and Leichhardt. Earlwood and the surrounding suburbs have attracted Greek cuisine, while Petersham is the place to visit for Portuguese restaurants. Many other communities, that is, Chinese, Vietnamese and British, have settled in the area, which has attracted many Asian and English styled eating places that satisfy the cosmopolitan tastes.

Driving lessons in Sydney’s Inner West on the streets you know best

Being a highly populated area, Sydney’s inner west provides many schools to suit all ages and every learning need. Many of the New South Wales top schools are located here, such as Saint Patrick’s College, Trinity Grammar School, Rosebank College and Fort Street High School, to name a few. Several schools also provide school holiday programmes. Earlwood offers a theatre school with drama, movement and music classes.

Cinemas and theatres are also a great attraction. The Enmore Theatre in Newtown has hosted many overseas artists such as Joe Cocker, the Rolling Stones and Jethro Tull. Newtown’s New Theatre has developed into an awesome production arena that produces a wide range of musicals, drama, family theatre and educational programmes.

Some large commercial areas with shopping malls that sell everything from biscuits to Burberry handbags are well supported by both residents and tourists. Although one can travel to the various attractions by bus and train, many commuters still prefer their own transport, especially during the evenings. Those who don’t have a driving licence can take lessons from professional instructors throughout Sydney, such as any Northern Beaches driving school.

Sydney’s Inner West certainly has everything to offer. Those who live there are its biggest fans.

Mosman’s Leading Driving School Offering Professional Lessons

The New South Wales’ suburb of Mosman is only 7 km from Sydney’s CBD. It is a local government area of about 9 km2. The suburb is named after the twins, Archibald and George Mosman, who arrived in the area in 1831. Being conveniently close to the sea, the brothers’ business interests were directed towards shipping and whaling at the time.

Qualified, patient instructors make driving lessons enjoyable and rewarding

Suburbs close to Mosman are Cremorne, Northbridge and Seaforth. Public transport to the CBD is readily available, alt-hough many people chose to commute by car. Driving schools in the inner west cater for those who don’t have a drivers licence. Learner drivers are taught by professional instructors, who make sure that tuition includes all the skills required to pass Australia’s strict driving tests. Mosman also has its own business area with ample car parks for its visitors.

Our driving lessons will help you discover the freedom of exploring Mosman as a driver

Families with school-going children have a choice of several schools in the area. Mosman caters for all age groups from pre-primary school to high schools. Also, the Queenwood School for Girls that caters for girls of all ages is situated in one of Mosman’s beautiful leafy areas.

Beaches in the Mosman area are Balmoral Beach, Chinamans Beach and Edwards Beach, amongst several others. The Taronga Zoo, which was formally opened in 1916, is a popular attraction for residents and thousands of visitors who arrive in Sydney throughout the year. Taronga Zoo is situated on 21 hectares of land and houses over 2,500 animals, which makes it one of Australia’s largest zoos. Visitors can get up close to animals such as giraffes and koala bears and they are offered learning programmes regarding the care of flora and fauna.

Many areas are set aside for bushland walks and walking along the beach promenades is a favourite pastime. The Mosman Mile is a popular walking route that commercial and residential properties. This striking suburb offers many other Whale Walk attractions, as they are popularly known.

Discover the endless opportunities of being a licenced driver

Mosman, being close to city life, has been provided with excellent transport facilities. These include buses, trains, ferries and a monorail system. Those who elect to use their own transport attend cheap driving lessons Sydney, which is also an excellent way to get to know the roads to their destinations.

This much sought after harbour suburb with its trendy streets and numerous beaches is a delightful place that appeals to both city dwellers and holiday visitors alike.