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Thank you for helping me pass the exam today. I really appreciate it. Here is a review.

After many other instructors and failed exams, I finally passed with Trina at Five dock. There was a lot riding on passing the exam because I was going to go overseas soon for the next 6months. If I failed, it meant that I had to pay for lessons again once I come back!
Trina was very attentive. She paid attention to every mistake I made, and did some practice test before the exam. She also taught me how to be confident in front the examiner. Because of her strictness, I wasn’t nervous during the exam. I was able to be myself and drive naturally as if the examiner was a passenger.
However more importantly, she taught me how to be a safe driver overall, not just inside the exam.
I appreciate Trina’s lessons very much and would recommend her!

Kind Regards,

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