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Mosman’s Leading Driving School Offering Professional Lessons

The New South Wales’ suburb of Mosman is only 7 km from Sydney’s CBD. It is a local government area of about 9 km2. The suburb is named after the twins, Archibald and George Mosman, who arrived in the area in 1831. Being conveniently close to the sea, the brothers’ business interests were directed towards […]

Renew your Driver’s Licence before you Regret It

The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) might have rather strict rules, but these rules are enforced for good reasons. They are there to ensure that there are safe drivers on our roads. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep an up-to-date record of every motorist and to ensure that photographs show a current likeness to anyone […]

Drop your P Plates for Good

Once you have gotten your P2 plates and have been driving for quite a while, you will find that you want to get rid of your P plates and become a fully qualified driver. As long as you have been driving incident free for at least two years with your P2 plates, you are allowed […]

Get Your P2 Licence Today

Your P1 licence is just the first stage in getting your driver’s licence. Once you have held your P1 licence for a year, you have the opportunity to apply for your green plates or P2 Licence. In order to make this transition, you will have to pass the Hazard Perception Test. Having now gotten experience […]

Give me a “P”

Once you have your L-plates, it is time to start preparing to get your P1 licence. The first step is to get a copy of “A Guide to the Driving Test” which is available on the RTA website or at your local motor registry. Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the contents before you […]

Gaining your Independence

When learning to drive, it can seem as though one will never get it right. There are so many things that you have to take note of and it can be pretty overwhelming to the beginner. Don’t worry, it becomes a lot easier with time and soon you will find that you change gears instinctually. […]

Learning to Drive

A lot of us started learning to drive with our parents – it basically a rite of passage. It seems almost like a match made in heaven – after all, your parents do have their driver’s licences and have been driving for years. Of course, in reality, this is not a good way to learn […]

Driving Lessons with the Experts

It’s fun to be the one who is behind the wheels. However, learning how to drive may not be as easy as it seems. There are huge risks and dangers in driving and that’s why driving lessons are given much importance these days more than ever. Learning how to drive is a process that takes […]

Getting a Driver’s License in Sydney

Being the most populous city in Australia, Sydney also happens to be the busiest. And while Sydney has adequate public transport systems, driving a private car is still the most common form of transport in the city. Driving is still considered the best way of getting around the busy city. In the government’s efforts to […]