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Our students enjoy a 98% Pass Rate...


As a 32 year old with no licence I decided I wanted to get my licence before I turned 33 in December. I found Trina on-line and off we went. Trina was fantastic, not only do you learn to drive but you learn the reasons why you are practising the manoeuvres you are performing in the car. Trina was so helpful and made my learning a pleasure. She is patient and kind and the day I went for the test I knew I was ready. We had done many practice runs of the route in Marrickville with Trina letting me know I was ready to go for the test.

I passed first go in November 2013, and I completely put this down to Trina’s ability to judge when you are ready. She runs a fantastic business and is 120% reliable and professional. We had some great laughs on the way too, and as someone who helped me achieve a milestone in my life even if it was 15 years late, I could think of no one better to go through that milestone with.

I would recommend P -School and Trina to anyone I know.

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