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Drop your P Plates for Good

Once you have gotten your P2 plates and have been driving for quite a while, you will find that you want to get rid of your P plates and become a fully qualified driver. As long as you have been driving incident free for at least two years with your P2 plates, you are allowed to take the Driver’s Qualification Test.

This is the big one, the big daddy of all the tests you have taken so far so make sure that you study properly and take the test seriously. Get your copy of the Driver Qualification Handbook free online or buy it at your local motor registry. If you are unsure exactly how to get hold of one, refer to a professional that offers Driving lessons Sydney.

The Driver’s Qualification Test comprises of two different sections – The Knowledge and The Hazard Perception Test. You will recognise the technology as being the same that you used in your first Hazard Perception Test. You will find, however, that the Hazard Perception portion is a lot more intense than the first Hazard Perception Test that you would have done.

The knowledge section of the test is also conducted on the touch screen technology and will be the most difficult of the tests you have done so far. Make sure that you go through the Driver Qualification Handbook very carefully and make sure that you know it well. Questions on the test will encompass knowledge garnered from all sections of the test.

Unlike with your P1 plates, there is no need to keep a log of the number of driving hours completed; the actual experience in driving is what counts here. It is very important, however, to properly study the Driver Qualification Handbook to ensure that you pass. A good way of getting it into your head is to practise whilst out on the road. Be on the lookout for the various traffic signs, road signs, etc. and memorize them so that, when it comes to the test, you are well prepared. You should also go online to the RTA website where you will be able to do some practise sessions in respect of the Hazard Perception Test. If in any doubt, contact your northern beaches driving school for more information.

When you feel that you are ready, you can book the test for your unlimited Driver’s Licence. You can do so online, telephonically or at your local registry. As normal, make sure that you take your ID and cash with you. If you pass you will be able to get rid of your P plates forever.

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