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Get Your P2 Licence Today

Your P1 licence is just the first stage in getting your driver’s licence. Once you have held your P1 licence for a year, you have the opportunity to apply for your green plates or P2 Licence. In order to make this transition, you will have to pass the Hazard Perception Test.

Having now gotten experience on the road during your driving lessons Sydney, you will probably have had to avoid a few unexpected road hazards – these can include other motorists stopping suddenly; a dog running into the road or several other scenarios that the RTA deems hazards.

In terms of the RTA’s definition, hazards are dangers that might cause a car accident. If you are driving carefully, you will be able to see the hazards and take corrective actions to avoid an accident.

The RTA uses the HPT to determine your responses to potentially difficult road situations. This is done through allowing you to view a set of real life traffic clips and gauging your responses by the use of touch screen technology. The test is based around the most common crash types of inexperienced drivers.

Hazard perception mostly consists of being able to judge stopping and following distances, identifying proper opportunities to move in traffic and being alert to possible hazards.

Prepare for your test by getting a copy of the Hazard Perception Handbook online or from your local motor registry. There are also practice sessions available online – take advantage of these.
As with your P1 licence, you need to book well in advance at your local motor registry, online or by telephone. You will need to take proof of ID, money for the licence and a copy of your licence when you go to write your test.

A P2 licence has fewer restrictions than the P1 licence (get the full list from your northern beaches driving school but you still need to ensure that you understand what these restrictions are:

  1. The P plates must be clearly visible on the outside of the car and must be positioned so that other drivers will see them. The P2 plates must have a white background with the letter P in green.
  2. You cannot drink before you drive.
  3. You may not exceed 100km/hour.
  4. There are no more than seven demits allowed.
  5. All passengers and the driver must be seated properly and must be wearing properly approved seatbelts.

Once you have had your P2 licence for two years, you can try passing the Driver Qualification Test. If you pass this, you will be in possession of your full licence.

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