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Getting a Driver’s License in Sydney

Being the most populous city in Australia, Sydney also happens to be the busiest. And while Sydney has adequate public transport systems, driving a private car is still the most common form of transport in the city. Driving is still considered the best way of getting around the busy city.

In the government’s efforts to curb driving accidents, it has made the issuance of driving licenses much stricter. Individuals wishing to get a license will have to go through a series of tests and hours of practice driving to ensure that they are well equipped to tackle to roads in a safe manner.

Prior to getting a full license, the driver must first get a Learner license by passing the Driver Knowledge Test. This test is a computer-based test about road rules, touching on general rules and safety. Anybody at least 16 years old can take the DKT. Upon completion of this process, you have to hold this license for at least a year. After a year and 120 hours of driving practice that includes 20 hours of night driving, the individual can proceed to take the road test for a Provisional license (P1) license. The rule is different is the driver is 25 years or older. They are not required to hold the Learner license for a minimum of 12 months and they are also not required to present a log of driving practice before they are allowed to take the road test. Drivers with a Learner license are limited to 80km/h speed.

The P1 driving test involves assessment of the individual’s general driving skills, road awareness and courtesy to other drivers. The on-road test is done as you drive on a set course, with the test officer grading your driving ability. Passing the P1 test allows you to drive cars only and you must stick to a speed limit of 90km/h. You have to hold your P1 license for at least 12 months before you can proceed to get a P2 license. The P2 license is a hazard perception test that is computer simulated to test your ability to react to potentially dangerous driving scenarios. Obtaining a P2 license allows the driver to learn to drive bigger type vehicles. The speed limit is also upgraded to 100 km/h.

The driver can get a full license after holding the P2 license for at least 24 months and passing the Driver Qualification Test, a computer-based test assessing one’s advanced hazard perception, knowledge of safety practice and road rules.

Taking driving lessons would greatly help the driver pass the various tests that they need to take to get a license. A good driving school will be able to guide you well on the requirements and expectations set to pass the different tests for a full license.

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