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I really appreciate that Trina has been my instructor. I had tried other two driving school before meeting Trina. With no doubt that P-SCHOOL was the best. When the first time I met Trina, she knew exactly what I needed and what I should be learning at the first place. I have been learning driving with her all the way, and she has taught me all the useful skills, including using a GPS. I had been struggling with things like reverse parking, and I was so nervous and panic before the driving test; but thanks to Trina, she helped me go through all these reefs and more importantly, she let me know the importance of being a safe driver. Also Trina is a very talkative person, it is always fun having lessons with her. Now I have got my P plate, and become one of these responsible and safe road users. I would strongly recommend P-SCHOOL to anyone who wants to learn driving and be a safe driver. ?

Thank you very much, Trina!

Best Regards,

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