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When my boss said I needed to get my license for work I must admit I was a little apprehensive and I had no idea where to look for a driving teacher. So I started with a man who knew my area well thinking that it would be an advantage. He told me that to learn to drive properly, even though I had had my license as a young adult, would take at least 30 lessons. I accepted that he must have known what he was talking about so I went with the idea. It wasn’t until lesson 17 or so that I realised he was taking me for a ride (excuse the pun) and was in fact making me more nervous with his aggressive attitude. It wasn’t until I ‘let him go’ and found Trina that I realised how bad a teacher he really was. Trina was organised and had a lesson plan based on the actual skills in the driving test. She was kind but firm and never made me feel like I was stupid if I asked a question we had already covered. Her use of repetition in her teaching was an invaluable way to reinforce the rules of the road for life, rather than just for the test. Her aim was to make me the best driver I could be rather than someone who managed to pass the test then turn into a sloppy driver. I highly recommend Trina as a driving teacher for anybody at any age or level. I passed my test first time with a score of 95%.

Cheers Trina

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