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Our students enjoy a 98% Pass Rate...


I would like to deeply thank you for helping me pass my driving test from ” first go” with 95%. I couldn’t believe that I could get back on the wheels after 7 whole years and overcome my nervousness. Your teaching is highly professional and thorough. You are very informative and knowledgeable of the road rules which made my driving experience smooth and faultless. Thank you for all the time you gave me in explaining, with paper and pen, things I could not visualize which I personally believe the best approach in teaching new drivers. You took me all around test routes which held my fear back and made everything on the test day familiar. My examiner was impressed by how careful I was and I was really happy to attribute it all to you Trina. I would like also to acknowledge my thanks for your understanding of my circumstances and coming in the early hours of the weekend and for boosting my confidence every now and then. You inspired me by your punctuality and the quality of your lesson which was good value for money. Before getting onto your car, my mind was only set on getting the licence, as I got into your car I realized it is driving safely on the road is what really matters. I strongly recommend you Trina to all those who strive to drive safely on the road and get their licence from the first go and also those who have their licence but unfortunately do not drive safely on the road. Many, many thanks Trina for this beautiful life experience and wish you all the best.

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