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North Shore

So called for its location, the North Shore region covers the mostly residential suburbs on the north shore of Sydney Harbour up to the Hornsby Plateau. Most of the suburbs of North Shore are hilly, with slopes running down the city harbour and the rivers that serve as sort of a boundary for the region. North Shore is one of the most favoured starting point for tourists exploring Sydney, mainly because of its lovely views, open spaces and shopping districts. Boundaries are not clearly defined since North Shore is simply a name referring to the suburbs in northern metropolitan Sydney.

North Shore offers breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour and is perfect for leisurely walks and picnics. The region can be explored in various modes of transport. Trains provide easy commuting access to Sydney’s central business district and the harbour bridge. Commuters can also take buses serving the region, or ferries that make the suburbs in the harbour side more accessible. Driving around the North is another fun way to better appreciate the sceneries and explore the commercial areas. Luckily, there are helpful driving lessons Sydney available for North Shore dwellers to help them go around by car.

North Shore can be divided into the Upper North Shore area encompassing the suburbs located north of Chatswood, and the Lower North Shore, which consists of the suburbs beside the harbour, including North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Mosman, Cremorne and Cammeray. People sometimes refer to North Shore as the leafy North Shore, thanks to its numerous and rich forest parks that are located near or sometimes even within the residential areas. The greeneries truly make this region a desirable place to live in.

Residents and travellers are sure to appreciate the high-quality metropolitan culture that North Shore offers. In fact, Upper North Shore includes the Ku-ring-gai council, which has been recognised for having one of the best in terms of quality of life in Australia. Suburban living is complemented well by the clean, well vegetated roads and elegant homes. North Shore also hosts numerous open spaces and reserves. North Shore is filled with many interesting and beautiful landmarks, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and Balmoral Beach.

If you are the type who like to dig into the metropolitan feel of the region, Chatswood should be the place to explore as this is one of the biggest retail areas in the region. Victoria Street Pedestrian Mall in Chatswood offers treats to passersby, with regular musical performances, local markets with ethnic food offerings and occasional street shows. The North Shore train line makes this retail district truly accessible to commuters. But since the city centre is easily accessible by car, many residents find it worthwhile to get some driving lessons Chatswood to learn the best routes to take when in North Shore.

The combination of residing close to nature and grand living makes North Shore an ideal place to live in. The metropolitan culture adds to the interesting and pleasant high living in the region.

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