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In NSW drivers over 75 years old are required to have an annual medical examination to retain their license. Two months before your birthday you will receive a form in which your doctor must complete. If you doctor still deems you medically fit to drive, the form can be handed in to your local RMS. If your doctor has some concerns with your ability to drive safely they may either refer you to another doctor for a second opinion and then to an Older Driver Assessor for a detailed medical assessment and practical driving test.

Once you turn 85 and every two years after, you must choose whether you surrender your driver’s license or choose to switch to a modified license. If your option is to keep your unrestricted license you are required to complete a practical driving test or assessment to maintain your existing license.

If you decide to choose to switch to a modified license this means that some negotiations need to be made between yourself and RMS in regards to the restrictions that may be put on your license. For example a “Home to Town” condition could be put in place. Or you may choose that you no longer drive after dark.


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