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Passing the Big Test, D Day for Driving License!

Phew! So you have made it through your 100 hours driving on your learner license. You have perfected your hill starts, three point turns and reverse parallel parks while in your driving lessons, not to mention keeping track of all those kilometres and times in your log book. Your trusted driving instructor has declared you are ready and you have made the date for your first driver qualification test. What else can you do to prepare yourself for the big day AND pass the test first go?

Leading up to the day, visualise yourself in the test situation. Visualisation is a powerful technique used by successful people in business and sport to help them prepare for something important. Going for your driving examination will be one of the experiences you remember the rest of your life because we have so much excitement and emotion attached to it. So why not give yourself the extra edge that will get you over the line, safely of course! Think the ol’ “imagine them in their underwear” tip but with better results and minus the uncontrollable giggling.

Your emotions can play a big part in how you will perform in the moment and being able to relax while remaining alert is key to a great performance. If you are someone who tends to get very anxious then visualisation with relaxation will be of huge benefit. Take some time to sit and close your eyes, if it helps you then play some music that helps you feel calm and focussed. See the car, see the dashboard, imagine the feeling of your hands on the steering wheel and your feet at the pedals. What about the examiner? Imagine the stranger in the passenger seat watching you like a guardian angel. It may sound silly but when you imagine this person in a positive light, someone who really has your best driving safety interests at heart then it will help you immensely. Continue to visualise driving, see yourself calmly negotiating the traffic, seeing every road sign and confidently handling the car through each requested manoeuvre your angel asks you to complete.

Now see yourself happily pulling back into your final park and hearing the examiner congratulate you on a job well done and telling you that you passed. Feel how great it is having your provisional license handed to you. Your new freedom awaits.

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