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Preparing for your P’s Test

driving-test That time is drawing near! You have clocked up all your driver-training hours. Your log-book has filled to the brim. Your driving instructor is getting confident in your abilities as a safe driver – It’s time to book in your P-Plate driving test!

But what are some practical tips for the driver who is getting ready to participate in that nerve wracking practical driving exam?

Firstly, make sure you have practiced in ALL weather conditions – If you have avoided practice driving in the rain – then how will you feel confidently prepared if the weather is bad during your practical driving test?

Whenever you are in the car as a passenger before your test, imagine that you are the driver. Look for all obstacles, pedestrians and other potential hazards. See and imagine what happens at each intersection you come to. Watch what your driver is doing. See how confident they are in their abilities and know that soon enough you will feel that too.

Arrive a little early to your test. Look around and get a feel for the location. If possible have your driving instructor take you for some practice lessons in the testing area.

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Don’t take any risks during your test. ALWAYS ensure there is a safe gap at intersections, that you have checked all mirrors and blind spots, and coming to a complete halt at Stop signs IS A MUST.

Ensure you eat well on testing day. Not eating well can affect your concentration and alertness. Meaning you can feel faint and your reaction time could be poor in the case of a potential hazard or making judgements at intersections.

Be polite to your Testing Officer. Be calm and pleasantly confident, but don’t come across too cocky and carefree. Instead, point out potential hazards as you see them. They will appreciate that you are acting as observant and careful driver.

And finally… try your absolute best to RELAX on the day. Yes it is stressful, but you are more likely to make mistakes if you are panicked. The Testing Officers are human too, they understand how you feel, and have been there and done it themselves once upon a time!

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