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Renew your Driver’s Licence before you Regret It

The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) might have rather strict rules, but these rules are enforced for good reasons. They are there to ensure that there are safe drivers on our roads. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep an up-to-date record of every motorist and to ensure that photographs show a current likeness to anyone behind the wheel.

It is important that a driver’s licence is renewed by the time of the expiry date. Drivers are sent a courtesy renewal notice, but if none is received, it’s not an excuse for not renewing your licence. The onus is always on the licnece holder to carry out this renewal.

When applying for a licence renewal, it is necessary to complete a renewal document, either in person at an RTA registry or online. The licence holder has an option to renew a licence for one , three or five years. Proof of identity is also required plus proof of your residential address. A new photograph is taken and an eyesight examination might be necessary. After all the formalities, an RTA official punches a hole in your old licence then hands it back together with a new photo licence. Always hold on to your old licence in case you need it as proof of identity.

If you are still learning to drive, there are some rules that must be followed. After you are issued with your L Plate, your learner licence will be valid for five years, which enables you to get lots of practice before your next test, which, if you pass, you will receive a P1 licence. When you are with a driving schools Inner West instructor or any other experienced licence holder, always ensure that you both make entries in your log book regarding how much time you have been spent learning how to get your licence. Bear in mind that you have to log a minimum of 120 hours over a year’s driving experience before you can be tested for you P1. Your log book gives all the information you require in order to go through the learner process. If you are over 25 years old, you get exemption from completing a learner driver log book.

If you need to have your learner’s licence renewed, it will be necessary to retake the Driver Knowledge Test though adriving lessons Sydney provider and to have another eye test. Fortunately, all hours that you have recorded before the expiry date will be taken into consideration so that you don’t need to start all over again. A little extra practice with a skilled driver or instructor at a northern beaches driving school will get you on your way once more.

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