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Our students enjoy a 98% Pass Rate...


Just a short note to say a huge thank you for your wonderful teaching. I made the decision to invest in a professional driving instructor because, having just turned 30, I thought it was time to finally learn to drive and wanted to do it “properly”. I was referred by a friend who had also recently gained her driving licence at age 34.

I was extremely nervous at first but your incredible patience, and confidence that I could do it, got me through those first few hours. From there each week we would cover different topics, and you treated every mistake as an opportunity to teach me another aspect of driving. You were always encouraging too, making me more confident in my own skills while explaining where I was going wrong and how to do it better next time. As I moved closer to the driving test you took me on all the test routes, doing mock tests to make sure that I was ready. And I passed first time!

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