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Thank you so much Trina for helping me pass my driving test with a 96% score in Chatswood, which is a very busy area. Initially when I saw all the road rules and regulations I was so scared about my driving test. But your driving lessons were all so much informative and helpful. It made me confident to drive in Australia. You were always on time and you were so patient throughout the driving lessons. The mock test that you gave me before the test helped me a lot in my test. You made me familiar with the test routes through the driving classes and mock test. I’m really thankful to you for preparing me for my driving test as well as making me a good and careful driver. Thanks a LOT once again.

Love and Regards,



I would like to deeply thank you for helping me pass my driving test from ” first go” with 95%. I couldn’t believe that I could get back on the wheels after 7 whole years and overcome my nervousness. Your teaching is highly professional and thorough. You are very informative and knowledgeable of the road rules which made my driving experience smooth and faultless. Thank you for all the time you gave me in explaining, with paper and pen, things I could not visualize which I personally believe the best approach in teaching new drivers. You took me all around test routes which held my fear back and made everything on the test day familiar. My examiner was impressed by how careful I was and I was really happy to attribute it all to you Trina. I would like also to acknowledge my thanks for your understanding of my circumstances and coming in the early hours of the weekend and for boosting my confidence every now and then. You inspired me by your punctuality and the quality of your lesson which was good value for money. Before getting onto your car, my mind was only set on getting the licence, as I got into your car I realized it is driving safely on the road is what really matters. I strongly recommend you Trina to all those who strive to drive safely on the road and get their licence from the first go and also those who have their licence but unfortunately do not drive safely on the road. Many, many thanks Trina for this beautiful life experience and wish you all the best.



I want to express my gratitude for filling me with great driving skills and confidence without which i might not have been able to pass the driving test scoring 98% and that too on the first go. I am very sure that the techniques and suggestions which i received from you will always help me to be a better and safe driver.

I would certainly recommend everyone to join your driving school as it is one of the best I have come across. So once again I would like to thank you so much for your support and most importantly for being so patient throughout my lesson ,withstanding every error of mine and helping me to overcome it so efficiently.



From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me achieve something that I thought was impossible! Your guidance and encouragement was what gave me the confidence to get behind the wheel, after many many years of hesitation. With your knowledge and calmness, you helped me week by week to gain my confidence and belief that I too could pass my test on the very first go! For this I cannot thank you enough.

You were a gem to deal with, and I’ll miss our Saturday morning chats! Thank you so so much again Trina. I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know looking for a driving instructor, that you are the absolute best.



It’s been nearly three weeks since I got my driving licence and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been driving short distances mostly with my husband in the passenger seat (he-he) – still better than nothing… And I can ‘hear’ you at the back of my mind – all those important thinks about safe driving you taught me. I can only hope I remember everything…

Once again thank you so much for being always nice and patient during my lessons. I am aware I wasn’t an easy person to teach (middle- aged woman with all sorts of life problems and no previous driving experience). In spite of that you were able to help me overcome my fears and insecurities and make me believe that I can do it too.

I respect you for your vast knowledge, experience, professionalism, understanding, kindness…

Please take care and keep in touch 🙂




I have driven a little here and there over the years, but it wasn’t until I became a single parent that I was truly motivated to get my license. Pschool’s reputation precedes itself! After three months of intense lessons, I passed my driving test on the first attempt at 96%!

I have always been very nervous when it comes to being in control of a vehicle, but with Trina’s patience and professional attitude, she has helped me to gain all the skills and knowledge I need to be a safe driver. I will utilize these skills for life.

Getting my driver’s license has not only given me confidence, but freedom. I highly recommend Pschool!

Thank you ever so much,



Hey Trina this is my testimonial for your website.

I have been driving for 12 months, as an apprentice chef with a family that is literally falling apart at the seams it was more than necessary that I got my licence. In 5 days Trina got me from what would have been a ‘crash and fail’ to a 98% pass. She is a wonderful person, a talented teacher and a caring person. She has taught me to drive for life not just to pass my test. I feel confident in my driving ability and proud of the effort I’ve put in and the effort that I will continue to put in.

I would recommend Trina to any learning driver any day of the week.



I am so glad I found you as a driving instructor. I have practised driving with my friends and my fiancé ( that didn’t go to well haha) and I was always a very nervous driver whereas when taking lessons with you I have become contented and confident with my driving skills. Your lessons are professional and I feel like I have picked up on all the habits to be a safe driver. I still can’t believe I passed with a score of 97%!

Thank you for your patience and of course all your laughter you made me feel so comfortable behind the wheel. I will definitely recommend your driving school to anyone who is considering learning to drive.

Thanks so much Trina, drive safe!



Trina has been a wonderful driving instructor, who has taught me to drive safely and confidently. She’s incredibly calm, patient and encouraging, and I have already recommended her to a friend of mine. Thanks to her, I’ve just passed my driving test with 98% on the first go! Thanks Trina



Thanks again Trina. All three of our children aged 23, 20 and 17 had their lessons with you and all three passed first time! More importantly since getting their licenses the older two have never been involved in an accident and are very safe, confident drivers.

For our 17 year old son to pass on his first test was a great credit to your skill as a teacher. None of his friends had passed their first test so we thought it unlikely he would. Then on the day of the test the rain was teeming down and we were sure he wouldn’t pass. We should have listened to you because you had faith.

We appreciated the advice you gave us on when each child was ready to sit for the test. Two were more confident and didn’t need as many lessons as our other child and you catered for each individual. We have recommended you to all our friends who have children learning to drive. Those who have had you as their instructor have been very thankful to us for recommending you.

all the best,



I wanted to write and say thank you for all of your help in getting my licence. At 25, and after having my Ls for over 3 years, I never thought I would actually ever get my P’s! Even after 50 hours of professional lessons with another school, I was still nervous and terrified of driving! You taught me so many things about being a safe driver, and now I am not scared anymore. I am confident because you have taught me all of the things I need to know to stay safe on the road. I know that I will not cause an accident, and I know what to do to avoid an accident caused by another driver.

Even though I didn’t really believe you when you said I was ready for my test, I trusted you and went for it today. I shouldn’t have even bothered getting nervous, because just as you said I would, I PASSED!! The only downside now is that I will miss our Saturday morning lessons!

Thank you so much for believing in me and convincing me to believe in myself. You truly are a godsend!

Hopefully I will see you around! Drive safely – I know I will!



Just a wee message to say thank you so much for your guidance and patience over the few days leading up to my driving test. It is true what you say………pass test at first go………I did, 97%! I couldn’t have done it without you. You gave me the confidence to go for it. It feels great to have my Ps.

All the best for the New Year and 2011.

Kind Regards,

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