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Our students enjoy a 98% Pass Rate...


Thanks again Trina. All three of our children aged 23, 20 and 17 had their lessons with you and all three passed first time! More importantly since getting their licenses the older two have never been involved in an accident and are very safe, confident drivers.

For our 17 year old son to pass on his first test was a great credit to your skill as a teacher. None of his friends had passed their first test so we thought it unlikely he would. Then on the day of the test the rain was teeming down and we were sure he wouldn’t pass. We should have listened to you because you had faith.

We appreciated the advice you gave us on when each child was ready to sit for the test. Two were more confident and didn’t need as many lessons as our other child and you catered for each individual. We have recommended you to all our friends who have children learning to drive. Those who have had you as their instructor have been very thankful to us for recommending you.

all the best,

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